Chester and I are sloowly resurecting since Christmas (… hehehe just like the story about Christ! ) Our little Coco is finally getting her sleep sorted out! Just in time for the final push of finishing our beautiful new house addition (Coco’s new Castle) here on Holiday Road.

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Happy November :)

*Little Coco Annie is growing up so fast. I haven’t wanted to miss a minute of it! A quick entry to give an update on our beautiful little 10 week old peach. The autumn season is upon us in full glory. Our place is a site! A beautiful site for seasonal spectating – lovely colours, HUGE Maple leaves falling from the sky, lovely rainy afternoons and evenings, followed by peaceful clear mornings. A construction site! Our little house rapidly expanded in the last 10 weeks as well! Window arrived today, roof on tomorrow (or so we’re told!)

Love to everyone. Stay warm.

Coco in Fanny Bay / Uncle Andrew in Alberta loading Bales

Coco staring up at her Seagull / Seagull staring down at Coco

Coco being poked by Dad / Chocolate Chip Peanut butter oatmeal cookies made by Mom.

An Amazing and inspiring little video. i love our alphabet.



(How do I introduce the most beautiful little lady, …our peach, …our muse, …our new meaning for living?)

Coco Annie Ester Cotter was born into our arms last friday at 1:12pm in the afternoon at home on Holiday Road in Fanny Bay, British Columbia. Coco has an amazing birth story to tell you all, but now.. there’s just not too much time to write!! – so we’ll cut the chase and post more later!


Ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness it’s been ridiculously hot here in Fanny Bay the last little while (I know, I know, …. I know… It’s not as bad as Ontario, or Alberta and Sask., and it’s even hotter in interior BC….) I think my baby grew 6 inches in length today. I’ve been working in the studio a wee bit, trying to stay moving when all I want to do is dig  a hole in the earth and make a muddy garden hose pool.

Thank goodness for etsy, and the fabulous shops that make me feel cooler by just looking at some of the brilliant clothing designs. Chester just informed me that my shirt doesn’t fit anymore – in the front and don’t forget the back he said. (smirk!)

I wish I was wearing this beautiful dress:

Find it’s listing here

I think I’d feel a lot better if I was in this too. Both Dresses are amazing creations by NewExtrave.

These brooches remind me of my friend Claire. They are from a Scotland etsy shop and can be found here.

Speaking of butterflies… aren’t these spectacular?  ! Etsy shop doodlebirdie has lots of wonderous things to look at.

Read about how these butterflies were humanely caught and mounted on these beautiful whitewashed frames here.


happy year!!

… of perfect married blissful & balanced living to Chester.. & my sister Andra & her Robroy.

On 07/04/09 we had a double do, a double run, a double dipp into the wedding sauce.



… and here is another picture of love- Woody loving Mum’s orange cranberry muffin:

Woody could have his birthday today too… (craiglist pups seldom arrive with this type of information) In any case, Happy 15th birthday you beautiful boy!!!!


louise bourgeois

Just read about the death of French American Artist Louise Bourgeois. She was 98.

Bourgeois’ work has influenced many contemporary surrealist artists using deformity, elasticity, and scale to defy material function and material definition. The context of her sculpture challenged every notion of her human experience, both in physical concept and cerebral concept – usually commenting on dark human emotions through an ‘economy of form’- meaning that her sculptures worked subtly and efficiently, often through coarse interpretation. She was an intellect, educator, and crusader for humanity. I love this quote that i found of hers in an article by Paul Stuart written on the occasion of a year long celebration of her retrospective at the beginning of last year,  “I could not be a painter. The two dimensions do not satisfy me. I have to have the reality given by the third dimension.” This illustrates my ceramic experience exactly. She wasn’t exclusive to any material or conditional with concept- which is also resonating. Thank-you for your life and your work. 

Rest in peace Louise Bourgeois.



Little Baby Cotter is due to arrive in less than 12 weeks! 

Here are some images i have been looking at, babytime pictures… 

Mama and Babe, print of watercolour 10 x 14 in. Helen Ann Marie Jones

Father and Son, 10 x 14 in. watercolour, Helen Ann Marie Jones

Sand Baby Basic Baby Sling found here on Etsy. Awesome slings for baby-wearing from a veteran mum.

OLIVER! (by Sandbox Society) -I just found him on etsy selling handmade suits for babies. Isn’t he amazing?

When our little baby has their own room I hope to make them beautiful wallpaper like this one from Mod Green Pod. They are an amazing non-toxic water based screen printing company who are basically my idols.

… and in that room I would put up magical art pieces like this drawing by Julie Morstad